MACC has five primary strengths that have been prevalent throughout its history and continue to be pivotal in its growth and relevance over time.. 

  1. The foresight of the initiators. They created a flat structured organisation, set up in such a way that gave members (consumers) ownership of the club.
  2. Volunteers and staff genuinely are, and have always been, member focused. The variety of personalities involved in supporting MACC have always been able to find common purpose and work positively together. This provides for a consistent and stable environment
  3. MACC is a small and flexible organisation and therefore able to respond to the changes within the overall Mental Health service sector in relation to identifying gaps in services available at any point in time and able to support members in these areas.
  4. It is a well established, non-clinical community based organisation. Therefore, well positioned to act as a trusted conduit by both the members and any service the member may need to contact to enable them to move on and aid recovery.
  5. MACC has been supported since it's first inception by committed, highly regarded volunteers. If it were not for the quality service and approx. 60 hours per month they offered club over 25 years it would definitely have had to close many years ago. 
    They support members firstly by offering their extensive skills in woodwork, crafts, sport and other activities. Secondly they provide members with the opportunity to interact with members of the public. The trusting relationships that have been built with the volunteers gives members  vital contact with the wider community which encourages them to be more outward looking and feel more valued and involved.