Community Support

All community support is very welcome and much appreciated. Below is some information about how to help us and our members out, either through donations or volunteering at club.

  • Materials for craft / sport activities.
    For example wool, wood offcuts, paints, tiles, mirror, ribbon, fabric, leather... almost anything! If you are unsure please ask us before binning  goodies, if we cannot use it there is a good chance we know another group/organisation who can.
  • Old household items and clothes.
    Members moving from supported accommodation to their own flats can make good use of household items and, as most members are on limited budgets, clothing donations are well received.
  • Volunteers.
    We are always looking for volunteers to assist at Club, if you are interested in volunteering you can apply through Volunteer Auckland or just come in to chat to the staff members
  • Digital devices.
    Discarded but still working laptop computers or cellphones are sought. These would help  to bridge the gap between the daily experiences that members have and those of people in the wider community.